Global Property Management Group, Inc. (GPMGLV)

Serving the Vegas Commmunity

Global Property Management Group, Inc. (GPMGLV),

Mission Statement

Global Property Management Group, Inc. (GPMG), was formed by Community Development Programs Center of Nevada (CDPCN) in 2000.

The Mission Statement and sole purpose of GPMG is as follows:
• To manage properties for corporations who invest in real estate.
• To monitor the property goals on a regular basis in order to ensure ongoing compliance for the owner.
• To provide counseling, training and education in workshop formats and one-on-one counseling for low-income renters and homebuyers.
• To provide down payment assistance to qualified borrowers in conjunction with an approved loan product.
• To create public and private partnerships in order to develop, build, and manage new affordable housing.
• To rehabilitate and manage affordable multi-family and single-family housing.

CDPCN recognized that, if it were going to continue building affordable rental housing developments, we would ultimately need to create a property management corporation to protect and ensure the management success of our properties and the neighborhoods where they are located. Compliance with state and federally-mandated income restrictions and rent-targeting goals of low-income housing tax credit programs were the critical considerations. In order to achieve the goals and objectives of Congress, the IRS, the CDPCN Board and equity investors, Global Property Management Group, Inc. was formed to manage the projects developed by CDPCN.

Tax credit laws and administrative guidelines constantly change; therefore, property managers must always stay apprised of the most up-to-date information. There is much to be considered: annual state filings, federal income tax filings, as well as local and state compliance audits, just to name a few. In addition, property managers must manage and monitor the development, tenant, owner, and the equity investors’ goals. Those are the goals that Global Property Management Group, Inc. was formed to manage.

Global Property Management Group, Inc., through its founder, CDPCN, has a strong history in development which has translated into a strong property management company. The benefits of having GPMG, Inc., as the property manager are as follows:

• Local ownership
• Strong, positive ties and understanding of the residents and neighborhood
• Strong, positive local, business, and governmental ties and understanding
• Commitment to continue to build internal expertise and skills
• Commitment to hire and train neighborhood people
• Create additional revenue to the non-profit
• The State of Nevada Housing Division suggests that more non-profits manage their properties
• A strong mission and desire to develop and manage Section 42 properties
• Qualifications and experience in-house
• Section 42 experience, by staff and through additional resources which we use on a regular basis
• GPMG’s high standards and experience help to minimize property neglect
• Hiring of local and small or minority businesses to fuel the neighborhood and promote local economy
• Close contact with the residents and management with a great degree of compassion and sensitivity
• Management fee earned can be reinvested or used to develop other affordable housing properties

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